Narrative Essay On Never Give Up

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My dad has this motto “Never Give Up” and I've always thought that mottoes are just something people say to make themselves sound cool and smart, until I had my own experience that taught me I should “Never Give Up” on things.

I loved baking since I was young, so when I turned ten, my mother bought me a professional oven. I was extremely happy so I decided to bake a cake, which is something I've never tried before. I went to buy the ingredients with my mother at the supermarket. I tried my best to follow the steps on the recipe, but I accidentally burnt the cake. I tried three more times, but none of them turned out right, they are either burned, uncooked, too sweet, or too oily. I was depressed and miserable, and I was about to give up, but
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We poured the batter into a round cake model, and placed it into the oven. The cake started baking. We cleaned up our mess while the cake was baking. Soon, the delectable smell of the cake spread over the house. “I am as hungry as if I haven't eaten for days!!” my sister whined impatiently. After a long twenty five minutes, we finally heard the long- waited “Ding!” We both ran in front of the oven and saw the puffy golden colored, fresh baked cake. I took it out from the oven and inhaled, the delectable scent made me drool. Mom and Dad came into the kitchen. Testing Time!

All my worries flew away after I saw the perfectly baked cake. We waited until the cake cooled off and then Dad cut it into many pieces. We each took a piece and Mom examined the cake carefully and closely as if I would poison her. We each took a bite and we all found it super delicious and irresistible, so we all kept eating until there wasn’t even a crumb of the cake left. I was very satisfied and pleased with my work and the results, thinking that I had just made a tasty cake and learned a life lesson.

In conclusion, I told you my experience about how I baked a cake and failed for many times, but I kept trying until I succeeded. From this interesting experience, I learned that you will never succeed if you give up so you should always keep trying, since every failure is a step towards

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