The Father And Faith In Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

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What can you do when all you have is your faith to rely on? When you have faith then it means that you have complete trust in God. In the book, “The Road” written by Cormac McCarthy is about a father and son that goes through hardship throughout the story. This book changed my perspective on many things in my life. When you have an obstacle in your way you can either let it stop you, or you can do something about it. From almost getting eaten alive to almost starving they both stayed humble and thanked God that they made it that far. I thought to myself, “What if Jesus gave up because his task from God was too hard for him?” Throughout my life I had many let downs and setbacks that really discouraged me. My grandmother would always say to me, “All you have to pray to God and he will listen. He might not be there when you want him to be, but he will always be on time with the answer to your prayer.”
Many times in my life I wanted to give up because I felt that I might not succeed, but I learned that giving up is not an option. In the book “The Road” if the father would’ve given up then there would not have been any hope left for his son. The father inspired his son to keep moving forward even though they ran out of food sometimes. They
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They’ve had to live and survive in a harsh and cruel world all alone. I know the boy misses his mother a lot since she walked into the darkness. He does not know why she did what she did, but he knows that he must grow up. It’s sad that at a young age must grow up knowing you don’t have both parents to help support you. I can feel for this boy because half of my life my father was barely there for me. He didn’t walk out on me but I feel as if he just let my mother do all the work. My mother clothed and fed me while he lived his own life somewhere else. I’ve lived with my mother all my life and she has done an amazing job to be a single

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