Narrative Essay On Family Dinner

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7. Family Dinner
I hate family dinners. Sorry to say, it was personal. You will be bewildered and will definitely ask me “Why?” To comprehend the seriousness of this issue, let me narrate that horrible incident. Before narrating the incident, I must confess that my son is a naughty one. A couple of years ago, we went out for having dinner with my husband’s colleagues and their families. My son, who was 3 years old at that time, decided to zip down his pants and pee in an adjacent potted plant- to add horror, exactly in front of my hubby’s boss! Oops! what a coincidence.
8. Peek-a-Boob
My son was 7 months, the adorable kid you would say, we were at a friend’s birthday bash at a restaurant, and I was genuinely starving. In the mean time, I was
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Cannot Control Bladder
“I was hanging at the park with my 2 kids- 2 year old and 2 month old. Presumably, I had an urge to pee. To be frank, it was urgent. When I peeked around the park, there were no public restrooms at all. I cursed the park authorities. However, there was no time to waste or complaint. To my horror, I peed a drop and hold back the rest
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Attention Please
“My 5 year old son amuses himself and draws attention to him by pulling on my clothes. It was a couple of months ago, we were seated at a bank’s desk, where a male clerk and his assistant, a young male trainee was offering assistance to me for creating a new account. My son, the little tyke became bored and repeated his habit of pulling my clothes. At this time, he pulled my top down to my stomach, exposing my breasts to the only audience before me, the guys. I, literally, rooted to the spot. Now they welcome me with a grin whenever I check in there.”
14. Seriously don’t drop stuffs
“I went out with my 2 year old child. It was a horrible surprise. To my rotten luck, that day I carried a condom in my bag. My kiddo picked it up somehow, I haven’t noticed it. The next moment, he dropped it in the lift.
Nevertheless, a charming guy returned it with a controlled grin. At that particular moment, I desired that my kid hasn’t dropped it at all. I remembered with a sign how I instructed him to drop stuffs (filthy ones), “Drop it now”- this was my instruction. Therefore, you cannot claim him as he committed the direction given by

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