Personal Narrative: The Fish Milkshake

The Fish Milkshake This is a true story I like to tell that happened to me when I was 8 years old. I like to tell this story because it was a very embarrassing story, and embarrassing stories always make the best ones after they are all said and done.
It all started the day after my birthday with my brother Quentin, my mother, and my grandmother. I was rocking my brand new orange and grey Nike Shox that I was gifted for my birthday and nothing was going to bring me down. The plan for my birthday celebration was for a family trip to the Saint Louis Zoo, and I was as excited as any late night talk show host when they found out Donald Trump was running for president. When we arrived at the animal prison, the only thing I could think about was
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I had just been crapped on by a penguin. The warm filthy fecal fish milkshake somehow covered every square inch of my brand new shoes and pants. It smelled as if one were to leave a can of tuna outside for 3 years, and then warm it up in the microwave. I had only come to the Saint Louis Zoo for a good time with my family to celebrate my birthday and this is what I get.
As I began to comprehend the situation, streams of tears flowed like rivers down my face, while I gazed upon the gallon of rockhopper shit on my figure. I began to hear laughter coming from my brother and grandmother, embarrassing me further. My mother wasn't laughing as hysterically as the rest of the peanut gallery because she had received some of the splatter from the initial impact off of my pants. The “wet ones” couldn't jump out of my mothers purse fast enough as I waited for her to clean me up. After clean up, I continued to walk around the zoo smelling like a sewer until we finally decided to drive home (with the windows down of course).
In the end, the poop ruined my day. The poop caused a lot of discomfort. The poop ruined my shoes, and the poop ruined my birthday, but it doesn’t matter now. I am actually glad that it happened , however, because I now have a very good story to tell my friends and family. Embarrassing stories are the best to

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