Personal Narrative: My Dream Of Playing Baseball

I’ve always loved the crack of the bat and the pop of a baseball in a worn leather glove. The first warm day of Spring finds me yearning for the baseball field. I long to strap on the catcher’s gear and adjust it so everything fits just perfectly. I daydream of playing in big games and giving baseball my all. However, the Spring of 2017 wasn’t just a dream of playing baseball. Playing baseball became very real when we earned the opportunity to play in the championship game of the Roff Tournament.
That beautiful humid saturday, I wake up early because i’m too fired up about the championship game against Tushka the number one team in Class A baseball. I can’t sleep so I get out of bed and go down stairs to get some food. After I eat, Coach
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I got my bat and batting gloves and went and took some hacks off the tee to get loose, then did soft toss so I could get my timing down because the pitcher was going to be throwing hard. After I hit I get my cleats and lace them tight on my feet. I did my leg stretches I do before every game so I don’t pull any muscles. I got my glove out of my bag and played a game called flips with my teammates until the 3rd place game was over.
After that game was over, I ran out to the center field wall like I do before every to call down my nerves and give God thanks for letting me play the game I love. I ran back to the foul line and started doing my arm stretches and played catch. After I got lose I went to the dugout, strapped my catchers gear on, got my glove, and hustled down to the bullpen to get my pitcher warmed
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Are pitcher struggled for the first few innings and they took the lead on us. Are pitcher finally calmed down and started to find his groove. We fought back and took the lead on them. Then going into the 6th inning the umpire made a horrible call. Are pitcher let that got to his head and started walking people.Tushka got a base hit that scored two runs to put them up by one. We get out of the jam and now its the top of the seventh and we have to score so we don’t lose. We get bases loaded and they have to bring in a new pitcher. I’m up to bat and i’m just thinking to myself get the ball in the air so the runner on third can score. I had the count at 2-2 so I choke up on the bat and widen my stance. I’m in battle mode and swinging at anything close. I foul off three pitches in a row, then he throws me a curveball that I hit over the second baseman's head and the runner scores and the game is tied up. We go into extra innings and the umpire makes another bad call and the bases are loaded. Me and everyone else is furious at the ump so Coach Shoaf comes out to the mound to calm all of us down and he tells us we are going to pick off the runner at first because he’s sleeping over there. We try the pick off and we get him but the ump calls him safe. Everyone erupts into screams. Coach Shoaf calls another timeout to come calm us down and he tells us to pick off again. This time we pick

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