My Trip To Six Flags-Personal Narrative

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It was one of those days. The kind of day that was so hot, no one would want to leave their air conditioned homes, not even to go to work. But on those kinds of days, my family and I would decide to go on a trip. My brothers, Andrew and Alex, and I begged and begged my parents to take us to six flags basically ever since we could talk, and in the summer of 2004, they couldn’t take it anymore and packed us into the tan Ford Windstar started on our day trip to Six Flags. I was so excited I felt like I was going to actually explode, and I probably would have since my excitement had to be bottled up for the 2 and a half hour ride it took to get to the park. The entire car ride consisted of me and my older brother, Andrew, fighting over who gets to sit next to mom on the rides. In the end I won because I pulled the “I’m the only girl” card which won me all of the …show more content…
I was so devastated because not winning any carnival games ruined my best day ever. It must have been very obvious that I was upset because as we were walking past all the games I had lost, a young man had noticed that something was bothering me. He must have saw me looking at my brother’s prizes, because just as my family and I reached the front gate the young man ran up to me with the biggest teddy bear I had ever seen. He explained how he saw how sad I was and how his brothers used to win all the prizes when he was younger too so he wanted to give me his bear. I could not believe it. It was so nice of this random stranger to give away his prize because I did not have any. My mom always tells me how she’d never seen me smile so big as the day that that man had given me that bear. It turned my day back to the best day ever and as I climbed back into the tan Ford Windstar, I looked at my parents and said “I love Six

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