Narrative Essay About Trust

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Back when I was in elementary, I trusted my friend’s and was kind to those that show me generosity. My trust and good will started to change in the fifth grade due to an unfortunate experience. It made me become more aware of who to trust and who to put my trust in. It helped me understand that being thoughtful and trusting to even my friends is foolish. This experience helped me grow more aware of the people around me at an early age and it made me into the person I am today.
It all started back in fifth grade, I just moved to a new school and was eager to make new friends, yet it seemed that no one in the school seemed to like me. I tried for weeks, but every time I approached them they would ignore me. I finally understood why everyone I
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As I look around the room, everyone was already partnered and already talking about what they wanted to do for their project. As I was approaching the teacher, Conner the class athlete sat next to me. I sat down and quietly said “you want to group with me?” He looked at me and said “I hope so, my name is Conner”. I smiled and shook his hand, “Great, my name is Ahmad”. From then on we started hanging out after school and ate lunch together; that was the start of our friendship. Conner started helping me become more athletic; meanwhile, I helped him achieve better grades. Josh and his group of friends stopped bullying me, but the kids at school never stopped ignoring me. Couple months passed by and it was season of the snow better yet know as winter. During that month Conner and I would stay after school building, our snow fort on the soccer field. We would play ice hockey in local community centers and would drink hot chocolate indoors. I had completely trusted Conner with almost anything, for he was my best …show more content…
I waited for so long that my ears started to swell and I started to shiver. Conner arrived moments later with Josh and his group of friends and they all had a snowball on each of their hands. I looked around shivering and said “Conner what’s going on”, he looked at me and said “sorry Ahmad I was just using you and I don’t need you anymore”. Moments later they began throwing snowballs at me, until I arrived home soaked and in tears. As I shut the front door, my mother rushed to the door with her worried face and asked what had happened. I couldn’t look at her face as the tears were running down my face, so I rushed to my room closed the door and went to bed. The next morning I decided to go for a walk around my neighbourhood with my older brother. I explained to him my situation and instead of feeling sorry for me, he gave me advice on how to move on and learn. After the break was over and everyone was returning to school, I did exactly what my brother told me I moved on. By the end of the school year, I had changed schools and had a different approach when I made new friends. That continued throughout my high school days as

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