Narrative Essay On The Break

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The Break

Jenna and her brother Jaden never really had a good relationship, but they cared for each other. She Cheered for her school football team and Jaden played for that team, so it was like a perfect match for brothers and sisters but for some reason it wasn't. One day Jaden was invited to go to a football camp for the best of the best. Jenna was excited for him, but also sad because he would be gone for 4 a month training. Jaden talked to his teachers and football coach to tell them how long they would be gone. He soon went to his friends to tell them bye and hang out with them one more day. Jaden's moms took him and his friend Tristan to jump jam and they went to dinner together at olive garden because that was jaden's favorite
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month later, Jaden called a total of 5 times about 1 time a week. On October 5 they got a call from California expecting to hear from Jaden, they were excited because they missed him very much! But when they picked up the phone all they heard was a deep voice coming from a grown man, a grown man from the California Hospital Medical Center once he announced where he was from my mother and father was heartbroken. On the phone you could hear him saying “Hello.” my mother responded with a “Yes.” The man on the phone said “I'm sorry to inform you this but your son in is the hospital. He is suffering from a hurt spleen, but I do not know if he will make …show more content…
The following morning you could hear his heart flat lining from the machine that's the only thing you could hear it's felt like minutes, but it was a few seconds before the doctor and nurse ran in trying to save him, but it was to late he was gone. Her mom was screaming and crying because she was not ready to let him go, she would not let him go she sat on his bed side for hours just staring at his body. The nurses came in and told her that she had to go the hospital was closing but she did not go, she took five more minutes just to look at him then she left. The whole high school put up signs that read “R.I.P JADEN” and a date of which he died. The whole town was in grief of this terrible loss. But the family of Jaden had suffered the most, every day for the rest of their lives they could never see him again they just had to know he was there, they had to feel that he was there but you never really know if he was

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