Book Report: The Watsons Go To Birmingham

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n in Flint Michigan they are a black family. Kenny the middle brother he is the narrator in the story The Watsons go to Birmingham. There is five people living in his family in flint Michigan. Kenny had a rough The book the Watsons go to Birmingham is a family that lives childhood because of people making fun of him at school. Kenny goes to school at Clark elementary there is a kid there that bullies him all of the time his teachers say he is a smart kid people make fun of him because he looks cross eyed every which way he looks.Kennys best friend is a kid named Rufus who has a lazy eye. Rufus and him sit on the bus every day with each other and talk about school and books. Kenny's younger sister name is joey and him are dressed up because …show more content…
one early Sunday morning Kenny wakes up goes outside seeing his dad listen to music Kenny asks his father why he has to go to Alabama. Kenny said that he thinks being an adult is a lot of responsibility. Outside of toleo Ohio the Watsons pull up a rest stop and eat and use the restroom. When Kenny wakes up he is in the passenger seat in the car then he falls asleep again. By the time they reach Alabama everyone is exhausted from the long ride from Michigan. the life for the Watson family is awful they have to sleep on the floors to get coolness they have no beds or air conditioning no shower or toilets they have to use the woods to take a shower they use buckets full of water to take a bath. The next day Kenny and joey and Byron head out towards the lake grandma warned them that the whirlpool one time drowned a boy in the lake. Sunday jota gets ready to go to school Kenny tells her to have a good day school today. The Watsons leave the night of the bombing they couldn't figure out what had happen but then the police said 2 white people threw a bomb in there. They were devastated it killed 4 little girls the Watson family was deviated for the people who lost their

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