Narrative Essay About My Favorite Sleepover

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My Fantastic, Fun, and Fabulous Sleepover On January 1st, 2016 (New Year 's day) my friends Nuraishah and Mattea came to my house. They came over at 5:30pm. Nuraishah was there to sleepover while Mattea was staying till 9:00pm or 9:30pm. At first when they came to my house we didn 't know what to talk about. Then, we finally thought of something to do. We all ran downstairs and started watching the movie Lemonade Mouth. My dad got my sister and I a T.V. for downstairs. Once we got tired of watching Lemonade Mouth we started playing air hockey. We played air hockey because Nuraishah yelled “Let 's play that game!” She was referring to air hockey. Nuraishah and I played first because Mattea exclaimed she was going to play the winner. So, when Nuraishah and I were playing she …show more content…
I brought up an idea which was “We should sing the ABC 's and whoever has the beanbag on me at the end of the song has to wait 10 seconds to get a pretzel. The other players get a pretzel though. Mattea had lost the first round, Nuraishah lost the second round, Mattea lost the third round, and I lost the fourth round. Then, Nuraishah exclaimed “Lets get another beanbag!”we started playing the game the same way. After a little while Mattea exclaimed “I 'm bored!” Then, I explained “We should play monkey in the middle.” So, I exclaimed “One, two, three, not it!” Nuraishah yelled not it last so she was in the middle first. We played for just a little when Mattea threw the beanbag and Nuraishah caught it. Now Mattea was in the middle, then it was Nuraishah, then it was me, and then Mattea and she was the last one who was in the middle. Then, Nuraishah exclaimed “Let 's go in your room and do something!” “Okay!” Mattea and I replied. We all ran upstairs into my room. Mattea then brought up “Lets play evil

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