How To Write A Narrative About Moving Away

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“Number twenty-three, please come to window four” said the Consul. My mother, my brother, and I got up and hurriedly walked to the window. We were interviewing at the United States Embassy in the Philippines, hoping to obtain a visa to go live in the Virgin Islands. My father got a job as a math teacher and had already moved there six months prior. He wanted us to live with him because he hated being apart from us. “How old are you, little girl?” the Consul asked me. I nervously said, “I am seven years old”. She grinned at me and proceeded to ask my mother and brother questions. After about an hour of tedious questioning, the Consul handed us a yellow piece of paper that permitted us to get a US visa. I was excited to go live in a different …show more content…
The school was called, The Good Hope School and it was the top school on the island. I was hesitant to leave my school because I was comfortable there and had established a routine. I did not want that to change, but I thought to myself that this might be a good thing for me since it is one of the best schools in the island. I had to take a placement test again, but this time it was different because I was confident in conversing, and I was not nervous to take the test. Also, there wasn’t a writing part of the exam which was nice. I passed the entrance test and started school a month later in August. Good Hope offered a lot of great opportunities to be more involved within the school; through volunteering, joining theatrical plays or band, and playing sports. I had no interest in these activities till I came to my new school. I was particularly interested in volunteering because I wanted to be more involved with the community. My volunteer experience consisted of cleaning the beach once a month. I went to the beach called Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon was very pristine, the water was crystal clear and the sand was soft. But the unfortunate thing about it was that, certain parts of it was polluted with trash that people left behind. It was not pleasant to see so, I grabbed a clear trash bag, garden gloves and went to work. Volunteering was a great experience because I enjoyed devoting a portion of my time to help better the community. Joining extracurricular activities was very beneficial to me because it forced me to socialize with people and I learned how to manage my time properly. If I didn’t attend Good Hope, I don’t think I would have these skills. I continued my extracurricular like, volunteering throughout my high school career and I plan to do the same now that I am in

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