Narrative Essay About Groundhog Day

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On the six year after stealing the groundhog’s shadow, the city prepared for Groundhog Day. It was a sunny and bright day in Puttingneg. I ate breakfast, quickly and jump into our vehicle.

My mom said, “Chelsea, What’s wrong?

“Mom nothing is wrong.” I replied.

“Why are you just sitting in the car?” She asked.

I said, “I don’t want to make us late for ground hog.”

“I can‘t remember the last time, you’ve been ready to attend the ground hog celebration, Chelsea.” She replied.

I said, “You’ve been through a lot, I just want to be supportive.”

“Thank you dear.” She replied.

My mom got into the car and we drove off heading to the zoo. The Zoo was ten miles from my house. During our ride, I ask mom, “Do you think the groundhog will cast
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This city has been through enough over the years.”

“I know it will be different this time.” I said.

Mom replied, “How do you know?”

I said, “I just have a good feeling.”

Mom replied, “I am glad somebody believes. We have been proving wrong for five years.”

The rest of the ride was quiet. Mom seems as if she was in deep thought. She kept eyes glue to the road. Before I knew it, we were at the zoo.

There was no parade planned nor huge crowds as before. It was only a handful of people. As mom and I got out of the car, I heard someone shout, “Chelsea.” It was Cindy. She must have arrived early with her mom.

I answered, “Hi Cindy!”

As I was getting ready to talk to Cindy, James, Paul and Carl walked up and greeted us. Carl hugged me and said, “I am glad to see you, Chelsea.”

I replied with a bashful grinned on my face, “I am glad to see you.”

“I am nervous this morning. I hope it work.” Paul said.

“Why you nervous, we did everything right?” James replied.

James said, “The ritual work to take it, it should work to return
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“It’s going to be alright. Let us go inside the zoo. It will be over if we stay here talking about it.” I said.

Carl howler out and said, “Come on, it’s about to start!”

My friends and I raced toward the groundhog habitat. The Mayor was walking slowly up the podium steps when we reach the habitat. She wore a black top hat and black long robe. I could see tears running down her cheeks. There was not much left of the city of Puttingneg. She stared at the small crowd. She did not have anything to say at the time. She looked over at the zoo attendant and nodded her head. The attendant gave the mayor the dumb’ sup sign and he began to remove the wooden plate from the groundhog’s habitat. After removing of the wooden plate, the groundhog remained in the hole. The people sat by and waited.

“What’s going on?” James said.

“I don’t know.” Paul replied.

James responded, “The groundhog should have come out by

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