Descriptive Essay On Beartooth Mountain

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Heading south out of the town of Red Lodge, Montana, I am able to lay my eyes upon one of the most majestic places I have ever seen, Beartooth Mountain. The first time I see the mountain I am astounded anything could possibly be so immense. The sun catches the snow at the top of the mountain shooting light down into the Valley below. Then my view slides down the mountain, numerous pine trees seem to wrap around the entire mountain like a child in their blanket. This is the moment I realize it is amazing that later today, I am going to be at the top. As
I approach the mass of pine trees, I begin to smell the pitch collecting on the freshly fallen snow.
I continue climbing mountain now, and the road is winding back and forth each time giving
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I repeat my experience with the first lift, except the only the wind jostling our chair every direction is making me feel uneasy. As I disembark the lift I can finally see the valley and mountain unfold below me. To my right is the peak of the mountain which earlier in the day had seemed impossible for any human to reach. Looking below the tips of my skis, there are the trails cut out of the pine trees inviting me to test my skill on the way down. I glance to my left and I see the palisades protruding out of the mountain, they are massive brown rock triangles shooting up nearly two-hundred feet high, and are what give the mountain its name. I take one final glance over the valley covered in snow and ice, it is so vast makes me feel as if I can see the curve of the Earth. Taking my final deep breath I accept the invitation the mountain had given me and I begin to slide down the face of the mountain. I can feel my face numbing from being peppered by cold wind and snow. As I make turns and my skis cut through the snow and ice making a the sound of cracking ice ring in my ears, the scent of pine trees is present as I continue moving left and right making Perdue turns as I maneuver down the mountain. I can taste the fresh,

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