Narrative Essay On Aliens

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I 've always known that aliens are real. I mean, the universe is way too big to only have life on one planet. There 's so many planets and galaxies out there in our universe and the people of Earth are the only ones in it?

I don 't think so.

I never get confirmation of aliens, however, until I meet Micah Prescott.

We meet about a few weeks before I get proof of aliens. He 's the new kid in school, and as cliché as it is, he doesn 't make a whole lot of friends. Until he meets me, that is.

I walk into the lunchroom, tray of inedible "food" in hand and I look for my best friend Katia Reynolds. She waves to me and I make my way over to her, setting down my tray and taking a seat across from her. "Hey, Kat."

"What 'd you get?" Kat asks, inspecting
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His name 's Carl."


"How about your parents? Do they live around here?"

I bite my lip at this question. "Um, no they don 't. Hey, we 're here."

We arrive at Richards. Micah looks up at the big, old building. "Oh, here we are. Well, thanks for being so nice."

"Yeah, no problem," I say. "Um, if I 'm not being too forward, could I get your number?"

"Yeah, sure!" Micah smiles. "I wanna ' make as many friends as possible!"

Oh. Friend. Alright, I can be this guy 's friend. That 's fine. This ridiculously attractive, actually really sweet guy. I can be his friend. Sure.

I hand him my phone and he enters his number into it. "There ya ' go!"

"Thanks. Well, have a good class."

"Yeah, you too!"

"I 'm actually done for today."

"Oh!" Micah says. "Then have a good not-class...time."

Oh, this guy is an awkward dork. Damn, I love those ones.

"Will do," I laugh. Micah walks away, slapping his forehead with his palm, obviously feeling stupid. I smile at the motion and make my way home.

It 's only a fifteen minute walk from campus to home and it 's actually a really nice walk. I think about Micah and his goofy smile.

No, push him out of your mind, I think. He 's probably straight. The good ones usually

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