Narrative Essay About A Waterfall

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Every year one day in fall me (Veronica) and my brother and sister Erick and Paris always walked through this forest to play with the leaves on the ground. Then we got to a place where there were a lot of leaves on the ground and we all jump as high as we can and fell in the big pile of leaves and we started laughing and having fun Whoooohoooo!!!! said Erick. This is so much fun!! said Paris. Then we got up and started walking to find another huge pile of leaves and we got to another place where there were more leaves then we fell into this whole Aaaaaaaaa said Paris crying. Then, we fell and hit the ground. Where are we? I said We are in a magical land Paris said. I think? She said I thought we here in heaven but I guess not. Erick …show more content…
So we went to the middle trail. It leds us to a water world, everything was made us water. There were fish everywhere. This is so cool I said. I think it’s going to be very hard to find the huge water fall. So we went to explore and find the waterfall. Guys looked I found the waterfall Erick said. It has to be this one I said. So we went inside the waterfall and we saw the door. It’s the door Alex said. Thanks for everything monkey. Your welcome. So we went inside and said goodbye to the magical world. Good bye magical world Paris said. The door close, there were a lot of colors so I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes I was home with my parents. I was so happy to see my parents and be finally home.
Oh I miss you guys so much my mom said. Where were you guys all this time my dad said.
We were in this magical world Paris said. It was so cool to be there but I also wonder where I was Erick said.
I just happy you guys came safe home. Both of my parents said. Us too I said. We all were so happy to all be together. I mean I would like to go back to the world because it could be one in a lifetime experience to see that but also be safe home, Thanks for

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