Personal Narrative Essay On Bender

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One day in the early morning there was a field trip that only 5 people came. Everyone thought it was stupid so they did not go. Bender was driving, Emma in the passenger seat, Hayden behind the driver seat, Jorban in the middle, and cody behind in passenger seat. After about 5 hours it was starting to get dark so they stopped at the first hotel they they saw. Immediately after that they parked the car and went in to get the cards. But they didn't see anyone the front desk, so they rang the bell and then their was someone at the front desk. “How much is it for 2 rooms?” said bender. So they were talking about it and she gave us the card to go up to the room. Emma and Jordan took one of the card and ran over to the elevator. Right in front of the elevator there was a sigh, don't go into the elevator broke down. But they did not see a sign …show more content…
All they see was a clown a shadow of him. Bender and Hayden got the door open,”are you girls okay?” Said Bender.”ya I think we're fine, I hope we are,”said Jordan. Emma comes out with a big black eye and Jordan with a sprained ankle. Emma comes out holding her and and Jordan limping. We into our room using the stairs we are never going going threw the elevator again. They all bust out laughing at Emma for saying that. They LL fell asleep except for Emma so heard people walking outside Jordan and Emma's room. Bender came in all the rooms to check on us we are all up. So we went down stairs to get some breakfast and when Emma was going up something Grabbed her and Jordan was going up and did the same thing and to Hayden but Cody did not grad Bender but we heard them talking outside of a room.” We need to talk them away now before some notice that hey are gone hurry!” Said Bender.” Why are we even taking them away they didn't even do anything wrong so what's the point,” said Cody. “Because I told You to is that not enough, I am the boss not you so do it now,”said Bender! So Cody took them away in a suitcase, but what happened to

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