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2008 Cyclone Nargis of Myanmar
Cyclone Nargis was a strong typical storm that caused the worst ever natural disaster in the recorded history of Myanmar. The cyclone hit the country on May2, 2008, causing havoc and at least 146000 fatalities with thousands more people still missing. The Labutta Township alone was reported to have 80000 dead, with about 10000 more deaths in Bogale. Damage was estimated at over US 10 billion. Which made it the most catastrophic cyclone in Myanmar. Nargis struck on 27 April in the central area of the Bay of Bengal. Initially it moved northwestwards slowly and, encountering favourable conditions,it quickly picked up strength. Dry air weakened the cyclone on 29 April through after begening a steady
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Residents, surveyed by the assessment team in each village, identified assistance to re-establish livelihood as a primary need. USAID/OFDA focussed on livelihood interventions to provide quick access to income and employment for affected populations.USAID/OFDA is supporting NGO partners – including Church World services (CWS), International development enterprises (IDE), SC/US and World Concern (WC),- tro implement early recovery activities for cyclone- affected poplulations in the Ayeyarwadi and Rangoon divisions . the programme is assisting vulnerable communities and is helping the people resume agricultural activities during the planting season. It also seeks to provide employment opportunities, support the resumption of interrupted livelihoods, recapitalise micro- finance programme and help re-build the basic infrastructure in affected communities.

UNICEF in action UNICEF is a well established presence in Maynmar. It has worked in the country since 1950 and currently has a staff of 131 people spread across 9 zonal offices and a head office in Yangon. UNICEF primarily seeks to assist the affected population in the yangon and Irarwaddy delta areas. Lack of access to clean water and poor sanitation, inadeaquate shelter and poor nutrition pose abnthreat ,

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