Narendra Anumolu: Assignment: Questions And Answers?

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MMM Assignment 2/CEG6110
Chapters 3, 7, 8
Narendra Anumolu
Answer #1: As per brook’s, system should be in control on few people who are most experienced with the system to face the problems. The teams are organized as a surgical unit – one surgeon with a support staff. The surgeon is the chief programmer – designs, codes, documents, tests. Need great talent and lots of experience. The co-pilot is the backup chief programmer – works with the chief to help in thinking, ready to take charge but not responsible for anything. Programmers have been recognized as good and poor ones on the basis of the performance. Group ratios between best and worst performances averaged about 10:1on productivity measurements and on amazing 5:1 on program speed and
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Last year Scott added Basecamp to our toolset. We 've found its email based workflow easy to use, especially for customers. For small projects Basecamp is often all we need, but for larger projects we bring in Jira for issue tracking and Confluence for documentation.
A Project Initiation Document is a guide to a project, clearly laying out the justification for a project, what its objectives will be, and how the project will be organized. This helps ensure that everyone knows what 's going on right from the outset. The amount of detail included should be sufficient for the reader to understand the basic purpose of the project and to determine, in principle, the overall feasibility of the project objectives and plan. The PID is supported by many detailed planning documents that may not be entirely completed by the time that the PID is prepared.
Answer #3: One must say that one does not estimate the entire task by estimating the coding only and then applying the ratios. Language code is only one- sixth or so of the problem and errors in its estimate or in the ratios could lead to ridiculous results and data for building isolated small programs are not applicable to programming systems products. Planning, documentation, testing phase, components integration and training times must be added. As per Nanus and Farr study, shows an exponent of 1.5. There are few items that seem especially

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