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1. One of the tool that used by the team is Trello. Trello is a collaboration tool that allows the team to organize our project into boards. Trello is highly customizable, it reminds us to know what is being worked on, who is working on what and what is the progress of a particular task. Trello makes it easy to organize all the tasks that we need to do, will do, or tasks that we completed.
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2. Whenever anyone in the team have something that they think would be important to the project, they can add a “card” to an appropriate “list”. The cards represent all the tasks and the lists represent the categories for each task. In our case, we have four different lists called: To Do, In Progress,
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Trello has greatly added to the success of this project. Trello allows the process of making of this project much smoother. Before Trello, whenever someone completed a task, they would send that task out to everyone using email for approval. However, this was obviously not a long term solution for a long term project like ours, and it also hard to keep track of different versions of the task. In Trello, a member can take the responsibility for a particular task or be assigned to a task. When done, that member can move the task to an appropriate List and wait for review from other members. This also helped with version control because we always know exactly which files just uploaded recently and where to find them.

4. The criteria for selecting Trello includes:
• Easy to understand: a quick look through Trello will tell us how far we have come, what we still need to do and what we have accomplished so far.
• Available on all platforms: Trello available as Web and app, which means all the members in the team will be notified immediately when something changed.
• Discussion: if anyone in the Board have something they want to ask about a task, they can leave a note in the Card.
• Attachments: Trello allows us to add files easily by drag and drop or by other means such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc…
Activity: Trello also keep track of everything being done in it and by which

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