Essay on My Writing : Writing And Writing

744 Words Dec 7th, 2016 3 Pages
Throughout this semester, I started my essays by writing down ideas then putting them together to make one statement/argument. Writing these essays have showed me that practice makes perfect. Even though my writing skill are not perfect, writing everyday has improved my vocabulary. Most of the writing this semester was very personal in my opinion. One of the assignment was to write about I time in life that made you change is some way. It could not be sad or to personal like rape or other serious things, but it had to be a true story about something that happened or that you experienced that made you change your views or perspective of life. Writing this short write made me consider some of the word choices I would you I my everyday life that I could not use in the short write. Writing helped my vocabulary tremendously. I advanced toward then end of the semester but I began to lack the proper way to format my essays. The reminder of the MLA format that you keep posted above our assignments reminded me that the paper had to be a certain way to write an essay. Some of the short writes, I found very challenging because I could not relate or I didn’t understand the assignment itself. Like this portfolio, I’m very confused about the assignment but I know that I should complete an argument of some kind that is put together through a critical eye. The writing assignment at the beginning of the semester was very easy, but then they became challenging. For example I found that…

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