Essay about My Writing On Rebellion And Conformity

785 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
This English class has been very helpful in my efforts to improve my writing abilities, but has also been very challenging due to there being a different median for every essay. It’s been a heavy work load especially this semester since I decided to enroll in five classes, but in the end it has been very beneficial indeed. I can’t say that writing essays has been one of my strong points but I believe that this course has helped me improve tremendously and it has also made me feel a lot more comfortable with my writing. While in high school I would usually write all of my essays a day before the due date a habit of mine that was very difficult to overcome, but now I have learned from my mistakes. I learned that you have to take your time and start he project early this way you can make multiple drafts and with each draft your essay continues to get better and better. This is a technique that I utilized while writing my narrative essay on rebellion and conformity. This technique helped me receive a great score and gave me a sense of accomplishment because all of my hard work had paid off. The audience was impacted greatly after each essay in my academic essay my audience was the usual teacher and students so was my narrative, but in my letter it was meant for only one person so each essay had to be written different. I like to analyze all of my text by making sure that my thesis statement is aligned with my body paragraphs and that each paragraph has a main point.…

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