Importance Of Achievements In Literature

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Applying my efforts in this specific class I believe has improved my skills tremendously compared to my prior years of literature. Compared to last semester and this semester is that I have felt more pressure on my shoulders about receiving better grades and studying an extremely large amount of time. I was pushed to take most of my time and form it into a way of studying specifically for the writing portion to see if I earned college credit for the future. The goals I wanted to conquer first semester was being able to address the prompt and also strengthen my grammar and word usage. I made progress from the beginning of Lord of the Flies where I struggled with addressing the prompt and getting the main point across. I strengthened the weakness …show more content…
There was also the learning on annotating an essay to be able to answer multiple choice questions in specific way, however the glossary terms were also able to help us form up a rhetorical analysis and a synthesis essay. In every rhetorical analysis one can talk about the techniques that were used to it becomes easier when you can identify the terms in which most likely you would use in every rhetorical analysis. An example of using Greek root was in the practice AP in which I wrote a synthesis essay. The Greek word that I used was “declining” which de is the Greek root for …show more content…
My language is still not as advanced such as other students, but it is still improvement from the beginning of the year to now. The writings that show my improvement in vocabulary would be my college admission essay. For example talking about the way I was thinking about certain things in my life, I did not use the word thinking, “I contemplated on the ways I could act to fit in with the other girls but I never understood some things that they were interested in.” Which makes the essay come across as more advanced than it would have been if I used basic language. Another example when advanced vocabulary came into roll would be during the rhetorical analysis of Macbeth in which my opening sentence; that was also already used for an example “As a malevolent wife married to a dishonorable man, lady Macbeth.” This opening sentence also got a comment from Mr.Perry saying

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