Essay about My Writing As A Writer

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Writing is considerably one of the most important skills that a person can have. Being that, writing is a skill that requires much nurturing in order to perfect the quality of your work when writing. However, I will say that writing; both academically and non-academically is fairly hard to learn when incorporating all the essential mechanism that calls for a good writer to know and understand. Also, I like to consider writing as a system of laws, although you will not get into any actual trouble for breaking one of the laws of writing, instead your work will suffer and so will your credibility as a writer. Therefore, I am going to being using this essay to express who I was a writer, who I have become as a writer, and what I would advise future writer who attend English 101 courses. First, I would like to present who I was as a writer. I like to believe that before I was a fairly good writer, with great potential. However, I did acknowledge that I needed some help in troubling areas such as, punctuation and organization of my thoughts when writing essays. Also, as a writer before I needed an exponential amount of help when writing academically, because I was such an opinionated writer, and always incorporated “I” and “me”, instead of considering my audience. Another thing when writing before was, I always showed a great deal of voice in my writings, so much that I felt at times that maybe I was to boisterous, which is not appropriate when writing academically. Being that,…

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