My Writing And Writing Skills Essay

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When it comes to developing your reading and writing skills, you can 't simply rely on your teachers. If you don 't put forth any effort, then you won 't learn anything. You also have to rely on yourself to be determined about learning, because you can 't expect teachers to tell you everything you need to know and have it absorbed immediately. When it comes to my own development with reading and writing, my expectations, motivation, and values have changed very much since between high school and where I 'm at in college.
Starting college, you are expected to know certain skills and be at a certain skill level. If you aren 't at that level, then what are you to do? You can 't expect to put your head on a book and have your brain absorb everything you need by osmosis. You must go out of your way to raise yourself to the levels expected of you, but you don 't necessarily have to do it alone. In college, you 're paying tuition to be in the classes you need to take for your degree. You are paying professors to teach you different skills that are necessary, not only in college but in your career and your life. If you don 't ask them for help, then aren 't you wasting the money you 're spending to attend these classes? One huge thing that I 've learned since starting college, is that you have to set expectations for your professors – whether it be what they 're supposed to teach you, answering all the questions you ask, or other things such as respect and attitudes. Not only do…

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