My Writing A Short Poem Essay

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"For this assignment, you need to write a short poem. It can be about anything. I just need to test your skills." Vic smiled at me.

I nodded, knowing exactly what I was going to write about. In my thoughts after leaving yesterday, I came up with one thought. I had to figure out if Vic was into guys. He had never had a girlfriend or boyfriend in high school that I was aware of. Therefore, it was very necessary for me to figure out what his interests were. If he wasn 't into guys, I had to figure out if he was okay with gays or not.

Now, me being me, I wasn 't very discreet about anything. So when I stopped writing after about 15 minutes, I was kind of nervous. This little poem could make these remaining sessions awkward as hell or he 'd just brush it off or i 'd figure out if he was into dudes. There were many outcomes with this and all I could hope was that the outcome was good.

"His inner beauty did not compare to the outer. His smile was like an excellent book and I couldn 't gather enough strength to look away; much like I couldn 't gather the strength to let these blissful words leave my lips. You see, he was extraordinary and I was not."

It was an extremely short and pretty shitty poem among the ones that I had written while not attending this class. Shocking, I know. Someone like me writes poetry. I glanced over the poem again and again before slowly getting up and handing it to him. Vic nodded and took it from me, waiting for me to return to my seat before reading…

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