How To Write A Reflective Essay On My Turn My Son's Tattoos And Me

Throughout the WRIT 1400 course I took in the fall semester of 2016, I was given a number of different rhetorical situations and texts, with the purpose of using numerous writing techniques to break them down. Early on in the school year, Professor Fleming had us write a thesis essay, which took a look at the article My Turn: My Son’s Tattoos and Me. At first it was bit of a struggle to grasp this new writing style, but by looking at examples, I was able understand the point behind a thesis essay. My main goal was to break down the article, and be able to explain the thesis used in the work. This new writing style helped in my ability to break down an individual piece, and withdraw all the important information from it.
Personal narratives were another type of writing, Professor Fleming put a distinct focus on, early in the semester. Looking back, I wrote an essay based off my favorite summer experience. In this piece, I used vivid description details to help paint a picture of my experience. Getting an opportunity to describe the different parts of Hampton Beach, gave me some serious insight into what it is like to write about and elaborate on what I was seeing. It really helped me advance as a writer, because I was able to add another interesting
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For this distinct assignment, I had to reflect on the essay “The Most Important Day”, by Helen Keller. Even though this was by far the shortest essay I had to write, it allowed me to work on my summarization skills and my ability to take a deeper look at a specific piece of writing. I was able to break down quotes in a rather short matter, while also delivering my thoughts on the main points in the essay. It was definitely helpful to read a piece, and just express my thoughts on it in an organized manner. I used this technique quite a bit in this class and others, when it came to wrapping my head around a specific piece of

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