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Process Memo I came up with the idea for “beautiful and serene” after thinking about the memories I’ve made with my Dad. This is because I realized that whenever I write a piece about him, it seems almost intricate, yet effortless. Moreover, I chose that specific memory because it was one filled with action and it gave the reader a brief view into my family dynamic. The way my Dad reacted to my antics are indicative of his character. Also, this poem changed the least from draft to draft because I think I almost perfected it in one sitting. Although I italicized one of the lines, breathe, to indicate the significance of that word, I believe the poem is publishable the way it is. While writing it, however, I did face several challenges. Since it was the first poem I wrote, I went through …show more content…
I picked this painting after viewing numerous others because I was perplexed by the rising black cloud. This is one of van Gogh’s most famous pieces, but I never really questioned what the blackness represented. Therefore, I decided to decipher the meaning by creating my own background story. A forest fire suddenly took on a new meaning, and the painting became more modern because now it deals with a contemporary issue. Personally, I like to heavily edit my poems after initially writing them, so I can put more effort into actually creating the next poems in subsequent drafts. For this reason, this one did not change much from draft to draft, besides editing some of the enjambments and line breaks. This placed emphasis on certain lines to better convey the message woven into the narrative I constructed. Yet, this also was a problem for me because I was unsure where to place the last line. I ultimately put it in the center to stress just how serious the consequences can be when a smoker is inconsiderate. Overall, I really enjoyed having the chance to breathe new life into a

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