Green Eggs And Ham Poem Analysis

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For my transformative work, I took a poem and created a parody of it. The poem I chose to create a parody of was “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss. This original poem is for little kids, to educate and entertain them; what little kid doesn’t love a rhyming poem that makes them giggle a little? The original piece talks about green eggs and ham while my poem talks about Trump and Pence. With this as well, my character is Hence-I-Tense where the original character is Sam-I-Am. This being said, my work is of fair use, where I only use part of the original poem but not exact excerpts from the poem. The purpose of my work is entertainment, or to make people laugh. On the contrary, the purpose of the original work was for kids educational value as …show more content…
Seuss is such a well known author and majority of his works are recognizable by the vast majority of people, I wouldn’t be taking away from his profit by my work because of his popularity. When seeing my work, lines like “Do you like Trump and Pence? I do not like them, Hence-I-Tense.” would remind people of Dr. Seuss, maybe not initially but eventually after reading it a few times they would remember the original poem. I’m stating that my parody poem wouldn’t take away from the profit of his work because people already know of a similar poem, therefore they wouldn’t feel the need to pay much attention to mine. Since my work is unpublished where Dr. Seuss’ is published, my work will get a lot less publicity than his does. This is important to note because not many people will be viewing my work, whereas many many people have read Dr. Seuss’ poetry before. All in all, my poem is unlike Dr. Seuss’ for more reasons than it is like the poem. These reasons vary from the stems of the rhyming to the different word choice as well as some line structure changes. Based off of Dr. Seuss’ popularity, I know my poem will not cause his profit to decline at all. My poem creates an entirely new meaning to the rhyme scheme including a new context and idea behind the poem. By merely using the rhyme scheme and number of lines, my poem is of fair

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