Dr. Seuss Influence

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The work of Dr. Seuss is a vast collection of critiques, whimsical thinking, and savvy life learning lessons based upon stigmatization and experiences in his childhood. This paper considers how experiences influenced his narrative and storytelling reflecting his vast interests shown through his professional career both in advertisement, news publications and his children stories. Through the lens of Seuss this paper aims to connect the impact of Seuss political position throughout his career and what impact this resulted in towards social justice, equality or in some cases contributions to discrimination and alienation of others at the expense of building a sense of Patriotism against Hitler and Events of school bullying leading to an unforgettable …show more content…
Highlighting the tremendous influence Theodor Seuss Guisle had in the movement towards increasing literacy fluency to complete with other international countries gave him the drive to point out the negative advancing beyond the American TV explosion. Compelled to address the issue of reading scores and excitement to read Dr. Seuss was given a challenge to write a book that beginner readers would enjoy and promt national reading interests. Through thoughtful writing and moral instilling lessons taught by the introduction of Hat and The Hat, Dr. Seuss cleverly taught children to clean up after themselves when playing and have fun with rhyming and reading. The impacts of reading and likelihood of achievement later on in life resulting from reading retention and scores has throughout the course of school shown to have a direct correlation to likelihood to succeed in life or trend toward the 21 century construction of the school to prison pipeline often found in cities like Springfield Ma. While reading and literacy was one of Dr Seuss. Missions to answer I wonder what he would consider doing to address the discriminative educational and economic impacts affecting poor communities like Springfield who in research highlighted in Kathryn McDermott work impacting community distribution of taxes to fund things other then educational needs of the community. While the museum is being constructed within a historical building named William Pichen the person who established Springfield as the first hub of economic trade of beaver pelts. The potential for Springfield to benefit from this landmark museum, could be the push the city to implement new polices and collaborations between the community and children who live in Springfield. What it does not address however is the interconnection between a historical le benefit Targeting literacy

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