Reading Specialist Case Study

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In this paper, I will evaluate the role of a Reading Specialist, and how they create a curriculum that anticipates a student’s reading level. Then, I will discuss how these standards coincide to my own beliefs. Finally, I will sum up the duties of a Reading Specialist, and how necessary they are in our education system. Reading Specialist/Literacy coach are professionals whose main duty is to provide educational reading services for students who attend public school. Reading Specialists provide reading programs, improve students reading performances, and write programs at school or at the district level. They provide literacy instruction that enables them to meet requirements of the classroom and reading program. The reading specialist, and teacher coincide about …show more content…
Reading Specialist use state standard tests, observations, and reader’s individual grade level work to analyze what grade level reader is currently at. Reading Specialists need to recognize the basic content, construct validity. Reading Specialists administer and interpret appropriate assessment for students. They collaborate with teachers and provide encouragement for students. The reason why this Standard 3 Assessment and Evaluation will benefit students is because it evaluates, and monitors students’ progress from beginning to end. I think that Reading Specialists, students, and teachers will appreciate this because it helps them to evaluate, and progress monitoring the reader. It will benefit the reader in fluency, literacy skills. It will create students to try more challenging reading strategies, and create a sense of self-esteem for readers. Teachers will be able to trust Reading Specialist, and it will create unity among them. This will make teachers, and Reading Specialist to have a sense of respect for one another, and compromise their reading curriculum

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