My Views On Teaching And Teaching Essay example

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In addition to articulating our present-day puzzles, we rooted them in our personal histories on learning and teaching. We each chronicled our paths from our early learning experiences through our decisions to become teachers, into our years teaching in K-12 classrooms, and finally our forays as teacher educators. Our collegiate teaching cannot be separated from our K-12 teaching experiences nor from our experiences as students. Samaras, Hicks, and Garvey Berger (2004) remind us that unlike other professionals, [T]eachers begin their work with vast amounts of personal history in their future workplaces.
These past experiences create hidden personal narratives about education, school, and schooling that have profound and sometimes intractable impact on the way teachers teach their students. (p. 908)
For our puzzles to have served as data to be analyzed and critiqued by each other in order to push the boundaries of our teaching, we needed to root our puzzles in historical, cultural, and social contexts (LaBoskey, 2004; Samaras et al., 2004). Our specific puzzles are extensions of our comprehensive teaching and learning selves. Through deep reflections and descriptions of our personal histories, we were able to frame our present-day puzzles in ways that led to open examination of our actions, intentions, and beliefs on preparing teachers. As Samaras et al., stated, “Personal history self-study entails the opportunity to disrobe, unveil, and engage in a soul-searching truth…

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