My Passion For Research

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My true passion comes from helping others. Reaching, aspiring, determined, focused and aiming at becoming a positive addition, asset and member of the medical team in my community. My faith in God has always guided me. Born, raised, and experiencing life in a 3rd world country, my upbringing and experiences have given me humanitarian like values. Witnessing many losses due to the lack of medical facilities and properly trained medical workers in a field, I grew up wanting to become a medical doctor.

At age 12, I found out that I was adopted, and that my mom and dad, were in fact, my aunt and uncle. My dad had passed away when my mom was still 6 months pregnant with me. He was bitten by a dog with rabbis and died a few days later, due to poor
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Being from Sierra Leone, also the events and outbreak of the Ebola virus in 2014 motivated me to pursue my dream and also heightened my passion for research. Having conversations with family members overseas, through the troubling times of the outbreak fueled my burning passion even more to get the highest level of education that I can obtain and serve mankind. Medicine’s ability to incorporate science into the healing process is another reason I was attracted to the field. Throughout my education, and, to some extent, my life, I’ve mostly pursued science-related ventures. Science has always been a big part of my life. I can’t help but admire the ability to explain the unexplainable with simple concepts and facts. As a burgeoning young scientist, I was eager to get involved with research opportunities and projects. I went from one research project to the next, working on plant metabolites, DNA and food waste amongst others. In many ways, every professional quality I now possess was forged in the lab. There I learned how to work under pressure, operate effectively with a team and communicate with others. These qualities, I believe, are paramount to any good physician. Being able to communicate with fellow health professionals and staying serene, even when faced with stressful situations are commonplace in the field. As a physician, I’d be able to put everything science has taught me into improving the condition of other human

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