My True Passion Comes From Helping Others Essay

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My true passion comes from helping others. Reaching, aspiring, determined, focused and aiming at becoming a positive addition, asset and member of the medical team in my community. My faith in God has always guided me. Born, raised, and experiencing life in a 3rd world country, my upbringing and experiences have given me humanitarian like values. Witnessing many losses due to the lack of medical facilities and properly trained medical workers in a field, I grew up wanting to become a medical doctor.

At age 12, I found out that I was adopted, and that my mom and dad, were in fact, my aunt and uncle. My dad had passed away when my mom was still 6 months pregnant with me. He was bitten by a dog with rabbis and died a few days later, due to poor medical treatment. This turned my world upside down and had an adverse effect on me throughout my teen years. Especially when I was old enough to know that if we had better facilities and properly trained physicians he would’ve had a great chance at survival. My adopted parents, however never told me, neither did they ever treat me like an adopted child. Few years after I was born, my parents were forced to move from Sierra Leone which was my country of birth into Guinea, a neighboring and French speaking country, were I attended a French school till the age of 13. My dad was a Preacher and my mom was a home nanny. I grew up in a small town in Guinea called Jean Paul II; though our house was little we were thankful to have a place to…

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