Essay about My Transformation From A Traditionalist

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My transformation from a traditionalist to a modernist For many years, I have had this ideology that all the information inscribed in the Bible is factual. It was thought provoking to see that the bible is composed of historically accurate information and stories. The Introduction to the Bible course has given me the opportunity to explore and broaden my perspective on the Catholic bible. I am challenging myself to see the bible from a historical and scientific view but also with a view of my faith. The information that I have gathered from the course has caused me to question faith and facts. From the first day of the course, my attention was grabbed. That lesson that day dealt with the significance of biblical numbers and how they are symbolic. When I read the bible, I would simply breeze by these numbers and see no importance in them. I learned these numbers signify an important occurrence. Some of these numbers include 7, 4 etc. One of the most engrossing lectures dealt with the account of creation. Like most Catholics, we have been taught that the universe originated as described in the book of genesis. Once we began reading the text carefully in class, we observed that this is simply a story with no concrete evidence that supports the claim. I learned that the book of Genesis is a mythological analogy and myths that capture a larger truth. Scientists have explained their concept of creation through the big bang theory and Evolution.
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