Examples Of Mechanism Of Change In Family

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Mechanism of Change
Process of Change There are many views that I will share about the process of change in and out of the therapy office. I view the process of change as a new relational experience among family members. In order to produce change family members must experience each other differently (Minuchin, 1974). In the therapy room, family members must interact with each other directly. The process of change should not be focused on the past experiences, history or biology of the family rather on the here and now (Minuchin, 1974). It is important for families to see how one member’s behavior influences the behavior of others; thus, the mechanism of change is behavioral. Moreover, using this view allows families to be present in the moment and present with one another. Some of the sources that have helped to inform my view of the mechanism of change has been the work of Minuchin on family therapy and how the family is structured. According to Colapinto (1991), a functional family is a system that is constantly changing and adapting to new experiences. Therefore a healthy family functions based on the structure and the ability to be open to change (Colapinto, 1991). Hence
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As stated by Minuchin (1974), enacting interventions allow the family to interact directly with each other instead of talking about each other through the therapist. Also changes can occur by using subsystem boundaries; this is done by repositioning one family member away from the rest of the family. For example, the therapist changes seats with a parentified child in order to block his/her interaction with the family and to set boundaries. Thus allowing the rest of the family to interact with each other without having someone interrupt or intervene. In addition, by using this boundary making intervention the family can experience each other

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