Family Therapy : Utilizing Family Systems Theory Essay

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Family Therapy: Utilizing Family Systems Theory
Brendon is an 11 year old Caucasian and Asian male from a middle class family who lives in the upper north end of Seattle. Brendon and his parents live a comfortable lifestyle in a suburban setting. His parents are both educated. His father Chad has a bachelor’s degree in finance, from the University of Washington. Chad is an account manager for Wells Fargo. Brendon’s mother, Cady, has an associate’s degree from Tacoma Community College. Cady currently works for their (Catholic) church part time as a receptionist. The family is really spiritual; however, Cady seems to be more involved than either Chad or Brendon. Furthermore, Cady is the president of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Cady and Chad are high school friends and during college curiosity took over and Cady became pregnant with Brendon. Shortly after they became aware of the pregnancy, Cady and Chad were married; before anyone could find out they had premarital sex. Brendon is the only child of both Chad and Cady. Brendon is a popular child and well-liked by his teacher and peers. He is a star athlete, and is the captain of the track team. The family is here today because Brendon’s teacher Mr. Simpson, notified the school social worker Mrs. Sonognini, “Brendon has not been coming to class, and when he does, he seems not to be there.” His track coach has also mentioned that Brendon has failed to show up to practice this week.
A family-based approach looking at…

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