My Time Tracking That Occurred At Planet Kids Preschool Essay

791 Words Mar 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Through the duration of my time tracking that occurred at planet kids preschool in modesto california. The main strengths that I noticed during my visit were that the environment was very accessible to all the kids. It had great variety in the activities that were presented to the children such as painting,reading,writing and toys to play with that correlated extremely well according to the curriculum the instructor is obligated to follow. The relationships between the students and teachers were very healthy, I didn 't notice any problem children or any sort of power struggle over all a very obedient class. Some weaknesses that stood out to me were that although the environment was good it was a little too redundant. I feel like the instructor should try to surprise the kids more at this early stage in their development instead of giving them a routine because In my opinion i feel like the ability to develop a routine is very important rather than having a set one besides the obvious ones needed at their age for example nap and snack time. Allow the children to use their imaginations and develop skills in an area where they can be restricted but also cannot be judged.
The children didn’t seem to enjoy snack time they really wanted to be playing with their food than eating it. According to my time tracking quilt the kids a majority of the time wanted to be on the swings or be involved in any sort of free play, but the swings were the most popular choice among the five…

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