Essay about My Thoughts On My Life

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Growing up, I thought nothing would ever change. I always thought that I would always have the same friends and live in the same house for the rest of my life. I would go down the street to play with Oliver and Katie every day, go to the school where all of my friends were, or go to get a Rickers drink at the gas station, everything that was normal to me. Little did I know, things were about to change. It was a normal weekday. I went to school wondering what I was going to learn in class today and what my friends and I were going to do during recess. The day seemed to fly by like it always did. Then, something weird happened. Instead of my mom coming to pick my brother and I up, it was my dad. Sure, I was happy that my dad came and picked us up, but it was usually my mom who came since my dad worked in Indianapolis. When we got home, my mom was sitting in the living room with my little sister. After I came in, my mom told me to put my things in my room and to come back out to the living room. I answered, “Okay mom” and went to my room. When I came back into the living room, both of my parents were sitting on the couch. I wondered what was going on and sat next to them. My mom started off saying, “Rose, You know how your dad works at Dow Chemical?” I just nodded, thinking of the building I went to visit a few times. She then said, “He got a different job offer, kind of like a promotion.” I just looked at her. I was glad my dad got a promotion, but I didn’t see why they…

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