My Thoughts And Beliefs About The World Essay

1047 Words Dec 17th, 2015 5 Pages
Throughout my life, my thoughts and beliefs about the world have changed drastically as I’ve encountered strange scenarios within the world. Of all my beliefs, the one that may be the strangest is one that is similar to what solipsists believe, but I feel it is more in line with relativity. The core of solipsism is that only the self and mind can be to be true while the outside world does not exist. While my belief may seem to be very similar to this, it differs in numerous important aspects. My belief revolves around the idea that our reality is dependent upon our perception of it. This being true, it would signify that we all live in our own reality according to how our mind built it. Of course, with the application and invention of tools to help acquire accurate measurements of the world, we are able to come closer to an objective reality. But, an important component of science is that nothing is ever in fact proven; only supported with evidence indicating that even though a theory may be wonderfully supported by hundreds of experiments over decades, it is still subject to scrutiny and can be disproved. Many have seen how flawed the human perception is when it comes to determining an objective reality. A few of those people have even developed tools to aid the human mind in its faulty perception. These tools have been invaluable to the progress of science considering they are reliable to a greater extent than humans when it comes to measurements with most experiments…

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