My Sun Devil Story: One Of Heart, And Love

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My Sun Devil Story: My Sun Devil Story is one of home, heart, and love. I was born in Scottsdale, Arizona in December of 1998. I have one sister and two parents, my mom and dad who love me very much and want the best for me. I am Italian, it’s who I am. Being Italian, I have strong love for family, food, and of course talking very loudly! My family circumstance is one of common American families these days, my parents are separated but this helped shaped me into a very independent eighteen year old man. Over the course of my high school days is where I found out a little bit about who I was and why ASU was the best choice for me. I choose to go to college to set my self up for success, I found in todays society you have to go to college …show more content…
I’m very proud of this, I like to get things done quickly as to not have to rush toward the end of a deadline. People have told me I’m good at making them laugh, brining them up when they feel down, and being honest. These are all things I’m very proud of as personality can take you far in life, especially in the business world. The thing that is most important to me is making my parents proud. I am so enamored with making my parents proud, my sister made some life choices I know hurt my parents feelings and I don't want to see them with their feelings hurt again. I know that if I do the right thing I can go far not only in my life but I can make my parents proud as well. This motivates me, I remember times where my parents would be visibly down and it pushes to do better, work harder, and be stronger as person. Everyone tells me my dreams are crazy, I want to marry Kai. I love her, I just know it. I want to know that I’ll always have my best friend by my side. People tell me I’m too young to love her and that it’s just lust or puppy love, but Kai makes me feel complete and like I’m never alone. These ambitions push me to work hard so I could have the chance to give her a good life, I couldn't imagine getting the opportunity to marry her and not being able to help her live a good life, I say help because I know she can make it on her own, she's strong and

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