My Strengths As A Reader Essay

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My strengths as a reader, writer, speaker, listener, and thinker vary. The strengths I have as a reader are, I am able to comprehend the stories message in great depth. In the First The Tribes of Palos Verdes 3.5 paragraph I state,”In the second Even though she showed her body off to get a surfboard, she took that surfboard and turned it into a passion in life. Not only did she turn it into a passion, she turned it into something that allows her to feel free and get away from this negativity.” This quote shows depth I look into a situation that is looked at as a very bad decision Medina made. As Mr bean states “look at the story as if you were a therapist,” I have started to gain this skill every time I read now. This allows me to look at situations in stories from new perspectives than I have before. From my perspective my strengths as a speaker is delivering my ideas with confidence. When I speak, I am able to put my full confidence into what I say allowing me to deliver those ideas with strength. In my first presentation I write, “As you build this idea and find the bond between each three point five you now have the mesh connected into the head. As you now have this complete head you are able to see the building of what makes this multi paragraph essay.” When I presented my first presentation the ideas that I put into the writing were all ideas I knew very well. Since I have put the confidence into my writing when I present it, it comes out with greater strengths than it…

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