My Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Personality Essay

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Throughout all our years of living, we develop a personality, a specific way of identifying ourselves to others. Each one of our personalities has a good and a bad side, or in other words our strengths and weaknesses. Now depending on what our strengths and weaknesses are is who we are as people on this world of living. Each strength and/or weakness gives us that state of gratitude knowing that we are something important. Being able to state that you have strengths and weaknesses is already one step in the right direction, and the next step if determining what they will do for you in the future. I believe my strengths define who I am as a person, I am outgoing, social, and take pride in the things I do. I also believe weaknesses define me as a person, I try and please everyone, I am the master of procrastination, and I overthink just about anything.
From the day I was born till the day I die I will always be the most outgoing and enthusiastic person I know, to an extent. There are many situations in life that it is absolutely okay to be outgoing, but there are also situations where it is not tolerable. I learned really young that being outgoing at the wrong times is disrespectful and can lead to getting my dinosaur 's taken away from me. I was grocery shopping with my mom at the age of seven, I had my dinosaur sippers on because I refused to take them off, and I had my favorite dinosaur figure. The only thing I was doing was 'rawring ' at the customers as they walked by…

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