Essay My Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Life

793 Words Nov 29th, 2015 4 Pages
People have many strengths and weaknesses, and overtime they often develop new strengths and weaknesses. When a person goes through life, new challenges can create new strengths and weaknesses that the person may have never had before. This is what happened to me, I discovered things that I am really good at, and things that I am not so good at. Three things that I have discovered I excel at are managing time, taking notes, and also managing my stress. I have also learned that I have a weakness in public speaking, writing, and making goals for myself. The first thing I discovered that I am good at is time management. This is something that I would consider a strength because in high school I was really bad at managing my time, but in college I have managed it better and not put things off until the last minute. This course has helped me realize this because I realized that I organize things so that I have time to get everything completed in time and not get overwhelmed with assignments. The second thing that I would now consider a strength is managing my stress. I feel that this is a strength of mine because I learned to manage my time. Managing my time has helped me not get overwhelmed and stressed out thinking about everything that I have to do. I have also learned many ways to help manage my stress when it does appear, my preferred method is to go for a walk listening to music. The last thing I feel I excel at is taking notes, I am able to take them in a way that I…

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