Essay on My Strengths And Weaknesses Of Leadership

934 Words Jul 21st, 2015 4 Pages
I define leadership as the ability to influence others to accomplish commonly agreed upon goals. I have held several leadership roles throughout my academic career, but rarely analyzed my strengths and weaknesses. Through Dr. Courtright’s course “Leadership in Organizations,” I became aware of mistakes I have made while leading and may continue building a quality leadership methodology. In this essay, I will identify my key leadership strengths and weaknesses. I will also divulge my plans for improving my weaknesses before describing the leader I want to become. While leading one of our group projects, the key strength my group members expressed was my ability to communicate openly and honestly. I also listened fully and considered what they said. To contrast, they added I am not always approachable. Furthermore, my emotional intelligence self-assessment revealed I do not always take other people’s emotions into account. These two weaknesses have always made networking difficult for me, and I recently began to improve them. One method I am studying to improve my approachability may sound unorthodox, but is effective. It involves learning seduction techniques. Seduction is not solely used to attract the opposite gender, but may also be used to put people at ease and build trust. Some simple methods I have learned include smiling often and touching others non-threateningly during conversations. Within the next few years, I intend to continue learning influence…

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