My Speech On The Speech Essay

790 Words Apr 21st, 2016 4 Pages
As a whole, I do not believe that this was my best speech, but there were parts of this speech that I believe that I did better on than the last speech. Like B.B. King I love to learn and hope that in my next speech I will notice new areas of growth in my speaking ability. My reflection begins with eye contact and body movement, moving on to the use of voice, and ending with the organization of the speech. Opening with delivery, the thing that stuck out the most was that my eye contact was poor at best. In the beginning of the speech, I looked around more, but when I came to material I did not know as well, my eyes were glued to the page. I did not make use of planned gestures but I did gesture with my hands throughout the presentation. I do not think that my body movements distracted from the speech but I could have used them to enhance my speech more, if I had planned something.
My voice also distracted from the speech since I had so many vocalized pauses, most of my sentences either started or ended with an um or a so. The rate at which I was talking sped up towards the end of the speech, I was not running out of time so I should have slowed down and made sure that what I was saying was clear to everyone, even if I had taken a whole minute longer I would have still have had plenty of time. I was very confident with my introduction, and I believe that it showed but when I came to my first main point, my voice got shaky and I did not seem confident at all. I believe that…

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