My Reflection On My Performance

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Project 5 Reflection
1. What did I notice about how believable and relatable I was in this performance? I felt that the energy and enthusiasm I brought to the stories helped make my performance believable and relatable. I tried to include Broadway fan snippets in each story to help bring that relatability through the script and through the delivery. For example, the “not throwing away his shot” line about Lin Manual-Miranda, which is a snippet from a song from Hamilton. With entertainment news, I think the energy has to be high and engaging for the audience to connect with the stories.
2. How well did I convey the appropriate mood/tone for this type of specialty reporting? For entertainment news, as I mentioned in question one, I think
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I do think I felt myself leaning forward a bit when making a point, but overall I thought my felt good. When it came to the gestures and eyes, I really wanted to use them to emphasis my dialog and help to engage the audience. I practiced in the mirror and I think this helped to make those moments effective. I wanted to linger a bit with my hand and arm movements so the audience has a chance to connect and I think I did that in the performance. I wanted to activate my eyes and create that energy and I think that went well.
4. How did my facial expressions help tell the story and make me seem relatable to the audience? For this assignment, I was able to use my resting “pleasant” face to my advantage. My stories were all very positive and upbeat so that positive facial expression was important to maintain throughout the performance. I attempted to use my face to emphasis and engage. To drive a point I tried to crease my brows and narrow my eyes a bit. When telling exciting information or making a little joke, I widened my eyes and lifted my eyebrows to open up my face. I hope all of this came together to help my stories reach the audience well.
5. What was my biggest strength/ weakness/work-on on this
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I have really grown to like and trust my team. When you are behind that camera, the spotlight is on you and you have to depend on them to help you through. I have learned that I really like working behind the scenes as well. Directing and assistant directing are a lot of fun, I enjoy helping to shape the show in a way. I think our team works so well together because we all get it and want each other to do well. As each person goes, I’m in the control room cheering them on and hoping that they do so well, it’s been cool to see that teamwork build and the way everyone supports each

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