Essay on My Speech At The Lecture Hall

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“I’ll begin at the leisure of those above me, please give me a wink, a nod, a sign of life? I’m sorry, this is student congress after all.” I flashback to the final day of my English class. I look out at the lecture hall am greeted by sea of people. All I can think is that a psychological study done in the early 70’s found that people are more afraid of public speaking then of death. There’s a small chuckle in the room but I don’t hear it. All I can hear is my heart hammering away in my chest, my legs feel like they are going to give and I’m shaking all over. The only thought going through my head is, why. Why am I doing this? Why am I here? Why did I make this mistake? Then I remember how it all began.
It’s the first day of English class and the teacher asks, “who here has ever given a class presentation before?” I look around hoping, no praying, that someone else is like me. However fate is not on my side. Every hand in the class is proudly raised high and I’m all alone on my little island of fear. The teacher looks directly at me and asks why I hadn’t ever done a presentation. “I’m a clicker” I mumble, it’s barely audible but the teacher hears and his face softens. “Well Mr. Peschansky it’s time you become a talker”.
I look the first judge in the eyes and he nods, then my gaze drifts to the second one and she smiles, finally I look to my right at my final judge, he simply winks at me. I close my eyes and count to three. It’s finally time to begin, this is my time. These…

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