The Importance Of Sleep Deprivation

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Wednesday, March 9 is when I started my sleep deprivation experiment. I wanted to see how long I could keep my body awake and how my lack of sleep would affect my mood and my everyday interaction with people. In my opinion, it went better than expected. Usually I get very emotional when I am tired to the point where just my feet hurting is enough to make me cry. Given, that is usually after several nights of not getting enough sleep, going to bed late, and waking up early. My abnormal sleep pattern kept me constantly tired, but it was spring break. Sure I went to sleep late, but I also had the opportunity to sleep in, so I was well rested before I started my little experiment.
That Tuesday I slept over at my grandma’s house with my three siblings and my two cousins. I still went to bed late but not as late, just as I had the previous few nights. I officially started the
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After vacuuming up all visible ladybugs, the three of us (Me, Emma, and Madi) played guitar hero on their wii for a few hours after we got home from church. At that point, I was still feeling pretty good, tired, but not too tired. I was doing okay, but then Emma and Madi both got tired and went to bed. I was all alone with nothing to do, and I couldn’t think of anything to watch on netflix. I spent an hour flipping through TV shows and movies, looking for something to watch and fighting to stay awake. Finally, at 1:47 AM, I settled of 50 first dates, which I had never seen before. I enjoyed the movie very much but I could tell the side effects of not having slept in twenty hours was setting in because an Adam Sandler movie, of all things, had make me cry. I don’t usually cry during movies, not even when the dog dies (not referring to 50 first dates). Once the movie was over I turned on one of my favorite TV show, Flashpoint. I watch that for several hours, until people started waking

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