My Self Reflection Of My Performance After The Presentations Essay

1120 Words Oct 23rd, 2015 null Page
By, Ankur Verma

Through my self-reflection of my performance after the presentations, I concluded with these self-judgments.
Most successful aspect of my presentation:
• Eye contact and rapport
• Pronunciation of diction
• Speed and precision
Eye contact and rapport was quite successful. My eyes were not reading off the board and maintained my shoulders towards the audience. This posture of body language shows confidence which then also leads to less boredom by the listeners. Pronunciation of the words and terms was good. The pace of my slides and explanation flowed really well.
Areas of improvement:
• Clarity of Articulation
• Volume and tone
There were some areas like the introduction to the essay that was a bit confusing. Through the frequent ‘ums’ the flow of what I’m saying gets disturbed. To improve this I need to try to be more aware about when I feel an ‘um’ coming in and take a brief pause. Volume and tone was also good however it is hard to self-judge that part of my presentation. According to other peers that I asked, they said it was good. Just the tone part of it needs to be more improved and less monotone. This will come with practice and having a bit of excitement rather than being nervous before the presentation. The first question was the most challenging question. It had the most amount of incorrect answers. There was a confusion of where the thesis is allowed to be in. The thesis does not have to be in…

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