My Role Of Educator Myself Essay

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With the help of the works of three already successful educators, I will construct the environment that I wish to create when I am in the role of educator myself. The first step to establishing a healthy learning environment is to create a strong student-teacher bond. Caring about a student 's well-being inclines them to work harder towards their final grades. Thunder-McGuire focuses on the understanding of one student and creates a bond. Temple Grandin taught me more about the importance of hands-on learning experiences. By knowing how a student learns, a teacher can employ several different ways of instruction. The need to cover all your bases is imperative when writing lesson plans. The personal construction of a positive learning environment created by a well-made lesson plan allowed me to grasp the idea that we are not trying to fix, we are trying to allow for personal growth, learning, and a place of belonging. Caitlin Ostrow Seidler worked to create a guideline to create her own positive learning environment and understand others. As a visiting artist for three years at The University of Iowa Hospital Schools, Thunder-McGuire had the opportunity to work with a student named Chris. Thunder-McGuire tells a narrative of how Chris interacts with the world and if he is truly making art. I appreciated the interaction between Thunder-McGuire and Chris in this piece. During his time with Chris, he had the opportunity to develop a genuine connection with him through…

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